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Here you can find all the information you need if you are considering, are currently enrolled on, or have already completed a course of study with a GA centre.


Gatehouse Awards issues certificates to the centre where you studied for your qualification. If you have not received your certificate, please contact the centre directly in the first instance. If your centre has closed since you completed your course, please contact GA directly.

Replacement Certificates

Lost your certificate? Gatehouse Awards will try to replace lost paper-based certificates wherever possible. We will charge a certificate replacement fee for all paper-based replacement certificates regardless of the reason for the request. Please contact the centre where you studied for your qualification directly in the first instance to find out about the cost and how to apply for the replacement. If your centre has since closed, or you took your exam directly with GA, please contact us directly. Replacement E-Certificates are available free of charge for all GA qualifications and can be accessed here:

Check the validity of a Certificate issued by GA

If you would like to check a certificate, use our free Certificate Verification tool.

Other useful information

Interested in finding out about regulated vs non-regulated qualifications? See our Guide - Information for Learners: Qualifications Explained. Want to appeal against an assessment decision? You must always contact the centre where you studied for the qualification in the first instance. For more information, please see our Appeals Policy below.

Information for Learners: Qualifications Explained
Information for Learners: Use of AI in Coursework V1 Dec 2023
Appeals Policy and Procedure

Online Examinations Preparation and Guidance

If you are preparing to take a Gatehouse Awards Online Exam, please download the guidance documents below.

Technology Requirements for GA Online Examinations
Safe Exam Browser Installation Guide Generic

Download E-Certificate

E-certificates are now available for all GA qualifications. They are a great alternative to traditional paper based certificates, and come free with your registration fee. E-certificates are highly secure and eco friendly as well!

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